Swansea, Wales ... 1840

Swansea, looking towards Kilvey Hill, Wales.  John Richardson, 1840

 Mill Lane, Blackpill, Swansea, Wales ....... please click for larger pic          Thatched cottages at Blackpill, Swansea ....... please click for larger pic

  Memories of Swansea's golden yesterdays ....

Since the three-night blitz of February 1941, when German bombers rained destruction on Swansea's most unspeakable ordeal, the city has transformed at an inordinate pace. The late 20th Century has seen Swansea ascend like a phoenix from the hot coals of a shattered sleep. Almost one thousand high explosive and 30,000 incendiary bombs had seriously damaged or destroyed some 12,000 premises in three attacks - hundreds of years of history reduced to burning rubble in just fourteen hours. Today, the portions of the city which reformed Swansea in the Fifties brazenly compete for aesthetic credibility against medieval Wind Street, the Edwardian and Victorian Maritime Quarter, Edwardian Alexandra, St Helen's and Walters Roads, and Victorian Mumbles. Swansea's historic persona is still very evident, while a restored contemporary heart lies at its core.

 Swansea Market, Oxford Street ....... please click for larger pic     original Swansea Market of 1799 ....... please click for larger pic

As the city evolves, the most dramatic aspect of Swansea's facade has always endured: the hills which are kissed by the lapping waves of Swansea Bay are a continuity not only with the Viking invaders who were attracted here in the 11th Century, but as these hills and bays formed in prehistoric times, surely the Neolithic peoples who lived here thousands of years ago must  have looked to these shores with the same affinity as we do today. The unique spirit of Swansea people (the "Swansea Jacks") is similarly undiluted by time; humorous, resilient and expressive, peppered with the cosmopolitan outlook which accompanies a 700 year tradition of seafaring. Our castles at Swansea city centre, Mumbles and across Gower peninsular have stood defiantly against any fate or foe.

    Ben Evans Department Store, Swansea ....... please click for larger pic           Tall ships at Swansea's North Dock ....... please click for larger pic

This is a small virtual gallery of just some of a thousand memories of vintage Swansea. Many of these scenes would be unrecognisable today, captured on film whilst the tides of Swansea Bay rode across the golden beach of time itself.

 Weaver's Flour Mill, Swansea, Wales ....... please click for larger pic        Swansea street tram ....... please click for larger pic

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Mumbles Train, Swansea, Wales ..1958 ....... please click for the full story

    Mumbles Train   at Rutland Street terminus, Swansea - click for full story of Swansea & Mumbles Railway - the first railway service in the worldPic: RE James-Robertson


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