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   National flag of Wales featuring the Welsh red dragon    Maritime Gallery

The Maritime city of Swansea is unique in the U.K. with its bayside marinas and the international award winning Maritime Quarter - a complex of yachting marinas, museums, theatre, art galleries, hotel, restaurants, ice cream parlours, bars, statues, interstellar observatory and sculptures  - which command a spectacular view of  Swansea's crescent shaped bay. The Maritime Quarter represents Swansea's living history - shipbuilding was established in this bay in the 13th Century, and the splendid yachting marinas and maritime facilities are a throwback to the city's lavish Victorian era at the centre of the world's copper trade.

Helwick Lightship, Swansea Maritime Museum



south marina, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, Wales


 Winter in Swansea Marina


View across Swansea Bay from Mumbles


River Tawe Marina, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, Wales


          Marine Walk cycling, Maritime Quarter, Swansea

Boat at Penclawdd, Gower, Swansea      

Maritime Museum, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, Wales     


Swansea south marina, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, Wales


Fishing vessel passing maritime exhibits in south marina, Swansea, Wales  


Marine Walk, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, Wales     promenade, Mumbles, Swansea Bay, Wales

Cycle from Marine Walk at Swansea Maritime Quarter ( left pic) & follow the curve of Swansea Bay's coastal promenade for your destination of Mumbles (right pic)


Boat at Horton, Gower, Swansea



 boats on Swansea Bay, Wales    Pumphouse Bar & Restaurant, south dock marina, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, Wales

          Historical tugboat, Swansea Maritime Museum      Fishermen on the River Tawe Marina, Swansea, Wales



Swansea Observatory, Marine Walk, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, Wales

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     Swansea sunset    boats bobbing at Swansea Bay

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