Dining Out in Swansea, Wales  

                        Swansea Maritime Quarter viewed from south marina, Wales

Few U.K. cities can rival Swansea, Wales for choice and quality of restaurants - with such spectacular sea views. Anything you could crave is here - over a hundred restaurants specialising in everything from European cuisine such as Welsh, Italian, Spanish, French and Austrian, to the more exotic Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

Swansea's famed restaurants include Patrick's and Gallini's - all recently patronised by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones on their various visits to Catherine's home in Swansea. And the proprietor of The Mermaid in Mumbles cooked for HM The Queen on her 2008 visit to open the LC. 

If you have a penchant for the fruits of the sea, Swansea's fresh sea food caught daily in these waters is unrivalled. The variety of Bangladeshi ("Indian") restaurants is bewildering, and are justly popular. This restaurants list is not exhaustive, and it excludes many of Swansea's cosy and traditional pub restaurants which also number possibly a hundred more. 

The astounding Miah's Tandoor is an elegant experience situated in a sumptuously converted Victorian church. 

Glorious Gower peninsular offers one of the finest U.K. restaurants (according to Egon Ronay) courtesy of the superlative Fairyhill - a five star hotel establishment set in 24 acres of exclusive parkland. Congratulations to Hansons Restaurant in Swansea Maritime Quarter - one of the city's multi-award winners. And for that special touch of Edwardian Grandeur, you won't find better than Morgan's -or the superbly refurbished art deco Grand Hotel.

Swansea's latest fine-dining sensation is The Penthouse, a breathtaking restaurant situated on the top floor of Swansea's tallest building - the Meridian Quays in Swansea Maritime Quarter, which offers 360-degree panoramic views directly over Swansea Bay and the surrounding landscape.

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Included in the following listings are webmaster Pete's uncensored comments ! 


698 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4EH
Tel: 01792 361616
a la carte
Marriott Hotel, Maritime Quarter
Swansea  SA1 3SS
Tel: 01792 642020
18 Princess Way
Swansea  SA1 3LW
Tel: 01792 465465
21 Dillwyn Street
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 655030
Anarkali Tandoori  
Bangladeshi - past its best.. cross
the road and head for Miah's!
80 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BQ
Tel: 01792 650549
Antons Restaurant 
1 Wind Street,
Swansea  SA1 1DE
Tel: 01792 461678
Ask Restaurant
6 Wind Street
Swansea  SA1 1DF
Tel: 01792 477070
Balti Cottage
29 Alexandra Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 5DG
Tel: 01792 301661
Balti Palace
22a Woodfield Street
Morriston, Swansea
Tel: 01792 797020
Bay of Bengal
614 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4EA
Tel: 01792 366646
The Bay View
400 Oystermouth Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 3UL
Tel: 01792 652610
- Read our EXCLUSIVE review in full -
a la carte
Grand Hotel, High Street,
Swansea  SA1 1NX
Tel: 01792 645898
Bella Napoli
66 Wind Street,
Swansea  SA1 1EQ
Tel: 01792 644611
Bengal Brasserie
67 Walter Rd., Uplands
Swansea  SA1 4PT
Tel: 01792 641316
Big Fish
56 Wind Street
Swansea  SA1 1EG
Tel: 01792 456110
27 Herbert St., Pontardawe
Swansea  SA8 4EB
Tel: 01792 869711
Bizzie Lizzies Bistro
Vegetarian - help boost your karma at one of Swansea's first vegetarian establishments!
55 Walter Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 5PY
Tel: 01792 473379
Bombay Spice
Bangladeshi - relaxed surroundings and
prompt, a good all round "Indian" experience
Mill Lane, Blackpill
Swansea  SA3 5BD
Tel: 01792 402402
C.J.'s Restaurant
Charcoal grill
135 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4DN
Tel: 01792 361246
Caffe Angeletto
13 Dillwyn Street
Swansea  SA1 4AQ
Tel: 01792 522950
Cafe Rendezvous
Newpark, Rhossili
Swansea  SA3 1PL
Tel: 01792 390645
Casa Nostra
Italian - while the Mumbles masses head
for Verdi's, get the real deal here!


650 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4EA
Tel: 01792 367147
Italian - wide tempting menu, clay oven,
great location at Mumbles Lighthouse
Bracelet Bay, Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4JT
Tel: 01792 369408
Cefn Yr Erw
Primate Sanctuary & traditional pub-style restaurant - a must-visit, support
the rescued primates!
Caehopkin Rd.,
Abercrave, Swansea Valley
Tel: 01639 730276
Chattery Restaurant 
57-59 Uplands Crescent, Uplands
Swansea  SA2 0EZ
Tel: 01792 473276
Chicago Rock 2-3 St. Mary's Street
Swansea  SA1 3LH
Tel: 01792 455345
89 Newton Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4BN
Tel: 01792 369329
- spacious and bright but it's still a chain.
Expect ordinary food and miserable staff!
Gorseinon Rd., Gorseinon
Swansea  SA4 9AB
Tel: 01792 893594
Brewer's Fayre Restaurant - only if you're absolutely desperate. And even then..
don't bother!
403 Gower Rd., Killay
Swansea  SA2 7AN
Tel: 01792 203980
a la carte
Beaumont Hotel, 72 Walter Rd.,
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 643956
Didier & Stephanie's
French - refined and immaculately presented anglo-french cuisine
56 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BE
Tel: 01792 655603
Dolphin Hotel
a la carte
Swansea  SA1 3AB
Tel: 01792 650011
Dylan Thomas Centre Restaurant
Somerset Place, Maritime Quarter
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 463980
Dylan Thomas
"Beefeater" style, so decidedly below average. It's ok by Llansamlet's standards, but if Dylan were alive today he would restrict his consumption to the bar..
125 Samlet Rd., Llansamlet
Swansea  SA7 9AQ
Tel: 01792 701670
Eleo's Brasserie
Spanish & Portuguese - well recommended..
and unlike La Braseria, you can book!
32 The Kingsway
Swansea  SA1 5LE
Tel: 01792 648609
Ellie May's
33-34 Wychtree St., Morriston
Swansea  SA6
Tel: 01792 772994
Espresso Bar
59-60 High Street
Tel: 01792 653469

9 St Helens Road
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 466787

Welsh - sumptuous, opulent, award winning & recommended by many including Egon Ronay

Reynoldston, Gower
Swansea  SA3 1BS
Tel: 01792 390139

Footlights Cafe
a la carte
Grand Theatre, Singleton St.,
Swansea  SA1 3QJ
Tel: 01792 478593
Foreshore Restaurant 674 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4EE
Tel: 01792 369054
Frankie & Benny's
New York-style Pizzeria - Recommended.
Enjoy this great 50's style experience in Salubrious Place and also next door to the Liberty Stadium. Authentic New York style diner with an Italian influence. Great range and party atmosphere.
Salubrious Place, Wind St.,
Swansea  SA1 1EE

also at Morfa Shopping Park, next to The Liberty Stadium
Tel: 01792 461774

- Highly Recommended.
Splendid marina views, great cuisine
Fishmarket Quay, Trawler Road, Maritime Quarter
Swansea  SA1 1UP
Tel: 01792 467795 / 456285
G & T's
602 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4DL
Tel: 01792 367309
18 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4AP
Tel: 01792 653388
5-6 Swan Court, Precinct, Killay
Swansea  SA2 7BA
Tel: 01792 203311
Vegetarian - tempting, pure and organic
8 Craddock Street
Swansea  SA1 3EN
Tel: 01792 468469
Green Dragon Bar & Bistro
(Welsh Evenings "Hwyrnos" - on request)
Green Dragon Lane
Swansea  SA1 1DG
Tel: 01792 641437
74 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BG
Tel: 01792 456390
Harvester - menu's been dramatically scaled down over the years. Typical profits-obsessed national chain. Avoid..
Victoria Rd., Gowerton
Swansea  SA4 3AB
Tel: 01792 872444
Haryana Indian Cuisine
75 Woodfield St., Morriston
Swansea  SA6 8BQ
Tel: 01792 796995
Himachal Indian Cuisine
206 High Street
Swansea  SA1 1PE
Tel: 01792 466644
Hanson at Chelsea Restaurant
17 St. Mary's Street
Swansea  SA1 3LH
Tel: 01792 464068
Hungry Horse - another impersonal chain, portions have been scaled down  over the years..  presumably to feed head office's hunger for profit?
234 Dunvant Road, Dunvant
Swansea  SA2
Tel: 01792 208112
Indian Cottage Tandoori
69 Herbert Street
Pontardawe SA8 4ED
Tel: 01792 830208
Jaipuri Spice
12 Mansel Street
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 645555
Italian ice cream parlour - not a restaurant as such but if you're new to Swansea a "Joes" is an absolute must. No fresh ice cream to match it outside Italy - guaranteed
524 Mumbles Road, Mumbles
&  85 St Helen's Road, Swansea
American diner - great if you want to dance on your food?
12-14 Northampton Lane
Swansea  SA1 4EH
Tel: 01792 459558
20-21 Wind Street
Swansea  SA1 1DY
Tel: 01792 649944
Junction Cafe
- housed in the last surviving building directly used by the Swansea & Mumbles Railway - the world's first passenger railway service
The Old Station Building
Blackpill, Swansea  SA3 5AS
Tel: 01792 406000
K 2
Bangladeshi - ok if you're drunk and you can't taste anything
91 Mansel Street
Swansea  SA1 5TZ
Tel: 01792 465015
3 Victoria Road
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 477848
north African
12 Mansel Street
Swansea  SA1 5SF
Tel: 01792 645555
Killay Tandoori
Bangladeshi - don't let the uninspired name and one storey shack put you off.. it's pretty good actually!
436 Gower Rd., Killay
Swansea  SA2 7AJ
Tel: 01792 205449
614-616 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4EA
Tel: 01792 363184
La Braseria
Spanish bodega - justly popular but it's maddening there's no booking system.. unless you're "Catherine"!
28 Wind Street
Swansea  SA1 1DZ
Tel: 01792 469683
La Prensa
31 Wind Street
Swansea  SA1
La Tasca
Salubrious Place, Wind Street
Swansea  SA1 1EE
Tel: 01792 643246
a la carte
93 Newton Road, Mumbles
Swansea SA3 4BN
Tel: 01792 366006
Lal Qila
Bangladeshi - attractive bar, the most prominent Indian in Mumbles, but not a patch on "Miah's" in the city centre
478-480 Mumbles Rd.,
Swansea  SA3 4BX
Tel: 01792 363520
Lounge 8-9 Wind Street
Swansea  SA1 1DL
Tel: 01792 479180
Lotus Restaurant
Peking, Szechuan & Cantonese
326 Oystermouth Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 3UJ
Tel: 01792 652205
South American - definitely recommended but unless you're a sardine avoid Friday & Saturday nights
46 The Kingsway
Swansea  SA1 5HG
Tel: 01792 456620

Marina Quays
The Waterside, Victoria Quay, Maritime Quarter, Swansea
Tel: 01792 472576
Turkish BBQ
640 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4EA
Tel: 01792 363666
Mermaid Restaurant
& Coffee Lounge
686 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4EE
Tel: 01792 367744
- unique surroundings, nothing like it in the U.K. First class authentic Bangladeshi Tandoor experience. Cardamon Lounge designer bar downstairs. Very highly recommended.
St Paul's Church,
St Helens Road,
Swansea  SA1 4BL
Tel: 01792 466244
Moghul Brasserie
81 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BQ
Tel: 01792 648509
Moonlight Tandoori
590 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4DL
Tel: 01792 360313

Welsh & British

- international quality cuisine;
three restaurants in outstanding city centre five-star character hotel

Somerset Place,
Swansea  SA1 1RR
Tel: 01792 484848
European Fusion - the experimental fusion style cuisine is an experience in itself. Recommended.
76b, Walter Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4QA
Tel: 01792 655351
Nawab Tandoori
12 Christina St.,
Swansea  SA1 4EW
Tel: 01792 470770
New Capriccio
Italian - recommended, although the portions have reduced since the change in management.
89 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 3UW
Tel: 01792 648804
New Cinnamon
21 High Street
Swansea  SA1 1LF
Tel: 01792 642880
New Raj Curry House
82 St Helens Road
Swansea  SA1 4BQ
Tel: 01792 645383
American diner - ok for a drunken hen night but not for the connoisseur!
136a St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BL
Tel: 01792 458635
North Gower Hotel North Gower, Llanrhidian 
Swansea  SA3 1EE
Tel: 01792 390042
Norton House
a la carte - carries an excellent reputation for quality and sobriety.
Norton Road, Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 5TQ
Tel: 01792 404891
Oaktree Parc
Birchgrove Rd., Birchgrove
Swansea  SA7 9JR
Tel: 01792 817781
Ocean Cafe Bar
61 Newton Road, Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4BL
Tel: 01792 363462
Olchfa House
Toby Restaurant - a chain but it's a good carvery.
Gower Rd., Sketty
Swansea  SA2 7AA
Tel: 01792 297115
Only 1 Indian
Bangladeshi - Only had 1 curry here .. and that was enough.
590 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4DL
Tel: 01792 360313
Opium Den
Cantonese - long established and justly popular. Tak Chan's fine cuisine is well recommended
20 Castle Street
Swansea  SA1 1JF
Tel: 01792 456160
Oxwich Bay Hotel
a la carte - local ingredients & specialties but not too expensive.. close enough to golden Oxwich Bay you could shake your fork at it!
Oxwich, Gower
Swansea  SA3 1LS
Tel: 01792 390329
P.A.'s Winebar
95 Newton Road, Mumbles,
Swansea  SA3 4BN
Tel: 01792 367723
Spanish - overall very good but proprietors only seem to welcome their regulars!
22c, St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4AP
Tel: 01792 301522
Paco's Steakhouse
217 Oxford Street
Swansea  SA1 3BG
Tel: 01792 655780
British - a touch of elegance compliments good old fashioned high standards. Recommended.
638 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles,
Swansea  SA3 4EA
Tel: 01792 360199
French & a la carte
42 Newton Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4BQ
Tel: 01792 361443
Pizza Express
Pizzeria - adjacent to Swansea Castle, by far the best of the national pizza chains
40 Castle Street
Swansea  SA1 1HZ
Tel: 01792 474320
Pizza Hut - mass produced, inconsistent quality.. do yourself a big favour and go to a proper Italian restaurant
62 Kingsway, Swansea  SA1 5HN
Tel: 01792 648585
Parc Fforestfach, Swansea  SA5 4BA
Tel: 01792 579957
Pizzeria Vesuvio
Neapolitan & Italian
good food from those
cool Castellamare guys. Located in the shadow of Kilvey Hill and Liberty Stadium
200 Neath Rd., Landore
Swansea  SA1 2JT
Tel: 01792 648346
Pump House
Pump House Quay
Maritime Quarter
Swansea  SA1 1TT
Tel: 01792 651080
Raj Balti House
81 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BQ
Tel: 01792 645383
Raj of India
358a, Oystermouth Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 3UL
Tel: 01792 642695
39 Uplands Crescent, Uplands
Swansea  SA2 0NP
Tel: 01792 470235
12 Castle Street
Swansea  SA1 1JF
Tel: 01792 654443
Bangladeshi - quite a good Indian if you're unexpectedly stranded in Gorseinon
44 High Street, Gorseinon
Swansea  SA4 4BT
Tel: 01792 895883
Rane Bengal
55 Woodfield St., Morriston
Swansea  SA6 8BW
Tel: 01792 774871
Oriental & Mediterranean
- recommended, great  diversity. Try the seaweed!
St. Davids Square, Princess Way, Swansea  SA1 3LG
Tel: 01792 467113
Vegan - proves you can eat and be all spiritual at the same time!
2 Humphrey Street
Swansea   SA1 6BG
Tel: 01792 457880
British fish & chips - a cut above the average "chippie" with a good range of quality fish. Shame about the polystyrene plates in the eat-in area
235-240 Neath Road, Landore,
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 458406
Sam Pan
Chinese & Cantonese
604 Mumbles Rd., Mumbles
Swansea  SA3 4DL
Tel: 01792 367531
Schooner Indian Restaurant
4 Prospect Place
Swansea  SA1 1QP
Tel: 01792 466889
Sea Garden
Penclawdd Rd., Penclawdd
Swansea  SA4 3RB
Tel: 01792 872886

    Sketty Hall

Sketty Hall
a la carte

Sketty Lane, Singleton Park,
Swansea  SA2 8QE
Tel: 01792 284011

Cantonese - Swansea's first Cantonese & still very popular. You can enjoy live music while you gnaw on your spare ribs..
12 High Street
Swansea  SA1 1LE
Tel: 01792 645253
43 St Helens Road
Swansea  SA1 4AZ
Tel: 01792 654764
Steak By Night
- cheap but cheerful, catering chiefly for the late night drunks from Kingsway's clubland
10 Craddock Street
Swansea  SA1 3EW
Tel: 01792 466810
30 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4AP
Tel: 01792 469111
T.G.I. Friday's
12-13 Salubrious Place
Wind Street, Swansea  SA1 1EF

Tel: 01792 474494
The Restaurant
Seafood - intimate, award-winning.. excellent fresh seafood. An unpretentious gem in Swansea's culinary crown. Very highly recommended
Pilot House Wharf, Trawler Rd,
Maritime Quarter,
Swansea  SA1 1UN
Tel: 01792 466200
Toad At The Old Post Office
Pub style
11-17 Wind Street
Swansea  SA1 1DP
Tel: 01792 455145
Topo Gigio
55 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BD
Tel: 01792 467888
29-33 Newton Road, Mumbles, Swansea
Tel: 01792 361345
Tree Tops
a la carte
Pengwern Road, Morriston
Swansea  SA6 7LW
Tel: 01792 771028
Diner - theme restaurant - in need of a new theme after all these years.. how about "The Mole's Hole"? The menu also needs some fresh inspiration
37 St Helens Road
Swansea  SA1 4AY
Tel: 01792 649689
Hilton Hotel, Lakeside,
Swansea  SA7
Tel: 01792 310330
73 St Helens Road
Swansea  SA1
Tel: 01792 465506
Italian - great views of Swansea Bay; generally good food & ice cream but last orders are too early
Knab Rock, Mumbles
Swansea SA3 4EN
Tel: 01792 369135
Viceroy of India
Bangladeshi - one of Swansea's longest established "Indian" restaurants
50 St. Helens Rd.,
Swansea  SA1 4BD
Tel: 01792 466898
Vietnam Restaurant
Vietnamese & Cantonese - cosy, friendly and relaxed antidote to the customary Cantonese bedlam with a unique and 100% authentic Vietnamese twist. Highly recommended.
36 Uplands Crescent, Uplands
Swansea  SA2 0PG
Tel: 01792 650929
Vivaldi Ristorante
Italian - small but good
29 Singleton Street
Swansea  SA1 3QJ
Tel: 01792 456780
13 St Helens Road
Swansea  SA1 4AW
Tel: 01792 466658
Welcome To Town Llanrhidian, Gower
Swansea  SA3 1EH
Tel: 01792 390015
West Cross Inn & Restaurant
Pub style - inspirational views of Swansea Bay so grab a window seat. Some of the menu's quite good, too
43 Mumbles Rd., West Cross
Swansea  SA3 5AB
Tel: 01792 401143
Wild Swan
Cantonese - hard working staff, very good cuisine. Recommended
14-16 Orchard Street
Swansea  SA1 5AS
Tel: 01792 472121
Windsor Lodge
British & French
Mount Pleasant
Swansea  SA1 6EG
Tel: 01792 642158


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