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                             Swansea Marina  Swansea sunset  Cross Keys Inn, Swansea City Centre, Wales

                            Swansea City Centre, Swansea county, Wales

                               Swansea City Centre, Swansea County, Wales

With arguably one of the finest seascapes in Europe and a spectacular Maritime Quarter lodged in the spine of a golden sandy bay, Swansea city nestles between the shadow of seven hills and the lapping tides of an inspirational coastline. The quality of life here is characterised by the breathtaking natural location, bonded with an exciting night and daylife - from surfing, microlighting, rock climbing or yachting - to pony trekking, water skiing, golf or hang-gliding; later in the evening you can chill at one of the UK's most happening night scenes - dozens of nightclubs and more than a hundred bars & restaurants.

                             Caswell Bay, Gower, Swansea, Wales    ABP Building, Swansea    thumb-nor-ch.jpg (8112 bytes)

                            The City and County of Swansea, Wales

                             Map Copyright City & County of Swansea Council, based on digital aerial photography licensed by NRSC ltd

                              Gower Peninsular, Swansea County, south west Wales, U.K. 

The Gower Bays featured on this site are sprinkled across the south coast of the peninsular (named in white on the above map). The primary Gower bays - east to west -  are: Swansea Bay (the city of Swansea, and much of its parklands, rolls alongside the Swansea Bay coast);  Langland Bay, Caswell Bay, Pwll Du Bay, Three Cliffs Bay, Pobbles Bay, Oxwich Bay,  Port Eynon Bay,  Mewslade and Rhossili Bay at the most westerly point. Broughton Bay on north western Gower coast is the last broad sandy bay (4 miles); the north eastern coast is comprised of sandy wetlands.


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